About Us

We get it. Our founder is a single dad that knows what it is like to have a need to shop for affordable quality car and truck parts. You need to keep your ride on the road and you need to do it without spending a fortune. Maybe you’re not so much a family man (or gal) but someone looking to customize their ride and make it theirs without overspending for car parts.  Maybe you’re doing a restoration in your garage and you need ideas on how to save some money without sacrificing quality.  Whether you’re a shade tree mechanic looking to fix vehicles in your community, a  college student strapped for cash, a frugal family pinching pennies, or just a smart consumer looking to find affordable car parts we can help.

Truth be told there are plenty of car parts coupons, coupon codes, promos and discounts out there just waiting to be used.  The problem is many vehicle owners just don’t realize it. Others may be aware but simply don’t have the time to hunt for hours online for the best prices or coupons for car parts and accessories. It’s a shame because anyone can easily save themselves a significant amount of money using coupons and coupon codes when purchasing car parts. The good news is we’re here to help.

Can you find these same coupon codes on other sites around the web? Absolutely. We just realized wading through a sea of cosmetic, grocery and other useless coupons you’re not interested isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. That’s why we focus on one category: coupons for auto parts and accessories!

CarPartsCoupons.com is dedicated to helping others save money when purchasing replacement parts and accessories for their vehicle.  We find the latest and greatest car parts coupons and discount promotion codes and put them all in one place to ensure you score discounted parts and accessories.  We don’t stop there! Coupons would be easy enough, but we also share tips, tricks and handy shopping advice to help you save your hard earned cash.