Save on Auto Parts at Amazon

Save on Car parts at Amazon

Save Big on Auto Parts at

Depending on your age, you might be surprised to learn is one of the best online sources for affordable automotive replacement parts. Amazon sure has come a long way from their initial online presence that focused on selling books back in the mid 1990s. The site has now grown into the world’s largest online retailer where you can buy pretty much anything your heart desires. From groceries to computers to clothing and more, you’ll likely find the item you’e search for. Auto parts are definitely not excluded from Amazon’s reach and the site is an amazing source for high quality and affordable car parts. Whether you need an air filter, a timing belt kit, a replacement headlight or beyond you’ll likely find what you’re looking for here.

I’ve personally used Amazon to save significant amounts of money on car parts. I’ve purchased belts, hoses, seals, oxygen sensors and more at significant savings. Getting the identical part you’d pick up at your local auto parts store at half price on Amazon is nothing unusual and I highly recommend taking a few minutes to check parts availability there before you make a purchase decision. They’re also a great source of affordable hand tools and diagnostic tools. If you need an OBD-II diagnostic code scanner or a socket set I’d highly recommend starting your search there.


  • Great prices
  • Vast inventory
  • Great service and hassle free returns
  • Free 2 day shipping for Prime members on many parts
  • Handy “garage” feature lets you store vehicles in your account for faster searching
  • Daily deals
  • Coupon section

The Downside:

  • Waiting for parts to be shipped. . . although some major car parts chains will match Amazon pricing for identical parts. If you’re an Amazon Prime member the wait is often as short as 1-2 days with free shipping thanks to the Free 2-day shipping Prime members often enjoy.
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  • Almost too much to choose from. Searching for your parts can end up being a long process if you’re easily distracted. It is so easy to get sidetracked looking at tools, accessories and nearly anything you can imagine.
  • Not all parts ship from and are sold by Amazon. Some third party sellers could theoretically be dishonest, use sub-quality parts or potentially be a hassle to deal with. A little research on seller ratings goes a long way here and I’ve never had any issues myself.