Product Review: Anker PowerLine Micro USB Charging Cables

When you need to charge your mobile device in your vehicle or in your garage or workshop, a weak and flimsy cable isn’t going to work. You need something durable. Check out our review of Anker PowerLine Micro USB Charging Cables.

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Anker PowerLine Micro USB Charging Cables Review


Here at we’re constantly destroying thin and wimpy charging cables. Between the abuse seen in our cars and using them in the garage and workshop we go through many low quality cables. We’re always on the lookout for a better charging solution. When Anker offered to send over a 2 pack of their Anker PowerLine Micro USB Charging Cables for review we jumped at the opportunity. Read on to discover why these are our new favorite charging cables.

In today’s fast paced world we often find ourselves on the go in our vehicles and a nearly dead smartphone. Likewise while working in the garage or shop.  Having some sort of charging cable in your vehicle to charge your phone via a charger is almost a must. Charging your phone or other device at home is simple. You just plug it in and let it sit there. Unfortunately, charging a device in a vehicle or a garage presents a host of unique challenges. When you charge your device in a garage, workshop or in a vehicle it gets plugged in and unplugged frequently. Things get moved around. The vibration and temperature extremes in a vehicle can vary greatly throughout the day.  The bottom line is these aren’t environments for cheap and flimsy charging cables.

Fortunately we came across Anker’s PowerLine Micro USB charging cable. These things are a new perfect balance of durability, flexibility and affordability. Our two pack arrived in a simple yet attractive cardboard box with Anker branding. For the current price of $9.99 you get two 6 foot long Micro USB charging cables which is a very good deal.


Upon unboxing the cables the first thing you notice is the thickness. These aren’t your typical thin and fragile charging cables.  They have a wide girth that immediately lets you know these are built tough. Our admiration quickly turned to worry. Surely these wide cables are going to be stiff and unyielding. We envisioned the hard and stiff cables we’ve had in the past. Fortunately these cables are exactly the opposite.

The outer insulation sheath is soft and supple flexible PVC. It is tough while feeling durable. The cable itself is incredibly flexible.  The black color means these cables won’t show dirt and grime like a lighter color would. That’s another benefit when you’re charging in places like a vehicle or a garage.

These cables feature durable construction done with bulletproof Aramid fiber.  According to the manufacturer these cables have reinforced stress points and boast a 5,000+ bend lifecycle. That’s nearly 10 times longer than most conventional charging cables.



We find the 6 foot length to be just right. While  a 3′ charging cable may be fine for charging in the front seat, we prefer more options. A 6′ long charging cable works great in a vehicle and allows you to use a variety of charging locations from the front or back seats.  These cables come with a hook and loop wrap to help you keep things under control and keep your cable management on point. The cords easily store in a glove box thanks to the cable wrap ties Anker provides.



The hard PVC ends on each cable feature a fairly low profile design with little to no unnecessary bulkiness.  They cooperated well with every case and charge we threw at them.



The thick gauge wiring means these cables should have less resistance and offer fast charging and data transfer. We found that to be true. You’ll get the full speed your charger and device are capable of with these cables.



  • Affordable Durability: A 2 pack was priced at $9.99 at the time of our review.
  • Durability: Thick cables with bulletproof Aramid fiber construction and a 5,000 bend lifecycle
  • Good Length
  • Durable: Reinforced Stress Points, 5,000 bend lifespan, last up to 10 times longer than conventional cables
  • Includes Hook and Loop Tie Wraps
  • Fast Charging
  • 18 Month Warranty
  • Black Color Doesn’t Show Dirt Easily
  • Easy To Clean


  • Not available locally
  • 6 Feet may be a bit long if you’re always near a charger or outlet



Grab your own set of Anker PowerLine cables on Amazon.



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