Affordable Auto Parts on eBay

Affordable Auto Parts on eBay?

Coupons and promos for car parts and vehicle accessories are fantastic but what if I told you there is another great source for affordable car parts hiding right under your nose? You can find a ton of affordable auto parts on eBay. We highly recommend checking them out. If you make a purchase after clicking links on this page we may earn a small referral commission which helps support the site.

The popular auction site, specifically the Ebay Motors section of the site, is an amazing source for low cost auto parts and accessories. While eBay may not be your first thought when it comes to shopping for affordable car parts, this product category has exploded on the site in recent years. In fact, Forrester/Jupiter research concluded a few years back that eBay makes up about half of all online automotive part sales. There’s a reason you need to head over to eBay Motors the next time you’re shopping for auto parts.

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It doesn’t matter what you’re searching for, you’ll likely find it there! Some examples include:

  • New OEM parts and accessories for modern vehicles
  • New Old Stock parts and accessories for classics
  • Used parts
  • New parts and accessories
  • Complete used, new or rebuilt engines and transmissions
  • Vehicles
  • and more!

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Not Just Affordable Used Parts:

I know what you’re thinking. Fortunately, eBay offers much more than used parts pulled off of scrapyard cars. Used parts are definitely an option but eBay offers much more. Their selection is noteworthy because you’ll find new OEM parts, aftermarket parts, high quality luxury type parts, affordable foreign aftermarket parts and more at unbelievable savings. Automotive parts sellers on eBay range from individuals to junk yards to actual dealer parts departments and major auto parts stores and suppliers.


Ebay is a Great Source for Affordable Genuine OEM Parts:

eBay is often a great source for the same original equipment OEM parts you’d buy at your local dealer’s parts department counter. Surprising! I’ve personally shopped for and purchased many affordable auto parts on eBay. Since I’ve discovered it, the site is honestly my favorite place to search for OEM and dealer parts. If I need an original part and can wait a couple days to receive parts I usually save a significant amount by buying on eBay.

On a couple of occasions I ordered OEM parts and then discovered the seller is an actual authorized dealer. It is pretty cool to see a dealer service department selling on eBay. Not only did I get an “authentic” part, I got it at a significant savings.

Want to hear something even cooler? Many dealers and parts sellers turn to the auction site first when they are looking to sell old or aging inventory.  I’ve managed to score great bulk deals from sellers unloading overstock or old stock. About a year ago I scored a bulk lot of 5 genuine Mitsubishi OEM air filters for a vehicle. I got the entire lot for almost the same cost of one aftermarket filer at the big chain parts store! How cool is that?


Great Source for Affordable Aftermarket, Performance and Routine Maintenance Parts Too!:

In conclusion, eBay doesn’t just offer one type of replacement part. I routinely shop there for OEM parts but I also buy name brand and even generic aftermarket replacement parts. There are plenty of aftermarket replacement parts available at a great deal.

Looking to customize your ride’s appearance? Are you shopping for high performance modifications? Perhaps you are simply looking to save on routine maintenance .  No matter what you have planned for your ride, eBay Motors can almost always save you time and money!


Not Just Auction Style Listings:

Many shoppers don’t realize ebay has more than the classic auction style listing. Bidding and waiting several days, a week or more can be frustrating. That’s especially true when you’re in the middle of a project or when you need to get your daily driver back on the road fast. Fortunately, bidding and waiting isn’t the only way to buy on the site. There are plenty of “Buy it Now” listings that are essentially just normal product listings. You simply click to purchase and you can have your parts in as little as 1-3 days in many cases.

For more information head on over to eBay Motors today and start browsing!



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