Auto Parts Rebates

auto parts rebates car parts rebates

Welcome to our auto parts rebates page. Rebates are another great way to save money on car parts and vehicle repairs.

What are Rebates?

A rebate will get you a discount or reward after you’ve made your auto parts purchase. They’re typically a promotion ran for by a particular auto part manufacturer or retail outlet. Like coupons, rebates often have an expiration date. Unlike coupons, rebates typically don’t reward you instantly.  When claiming a savings via a manufacturer rebate, you’ll typically receive a check or gift card in the mail after you’ve made a qualifying purchase and submitted all required information.


A Little Extra Effort.

Auto parts rebates often require a little more work than a coupon, but they also often offer a more significant savings. Don’t worry. We’re typically talking a few minutes worth of effort.

Claiming a rebate may require you to fill out and submit a claim form. You’ll typically provide the store or manufacturer with information such as a UPC barcode or other information off of packaging, copies of sales receipts, date of purchase and more.  Sometimes this information must be mailed in, but many manufacturers and retailers also allow the information to be submitted electronically online.

Claiming a rebate may require you to obtain a form from the manufacturers website or from a parts retailer directly. While they typically involve a little work, rebates can often save you a significant amount of money on your car parts purchasers. The best part is you can usually combined them with the savings of a coupon.

Because rebates aren’t usually advertised as well as coupons, finding them can be the most difficult part of the process.  Regularly checking for active auto parts rebates is a great idea, especially if you’re shopping for the most affordable auto parts. Fortunately we make this job easy for you and have created this page dedicated to auto parts rebates! Check out some of the great car part rebate sources we have listed below:


Advance Auto Parts Rebates Page:

This section of the website lists many current active manufacturer and retailer rebates.


AutoZone Rebates Page:

Looking for rebates on the AutoZone site? This page will help you find the parts rebate you’re after.


Auto Barn Rebates Page:

Auto Barn frequently updates their site with new rebate promotional offers. Click the link above to view current rebate offers.


JC Whitney Deals and Auto Parts Rebates Page:

Looking for rebates and special offers for your car parts? CLICK HERE to visit the JC Whitney Auto Parts “Deals” page to view rebate forms, special offers and more. Be sure to click or tap on “JCW Deals” in the top menu to display all current offers, deals and promotions.


Tire, Wheel and Suspension Rebates:  

In the market for new tires, wheels or major suspension components for your ride? Why not take advantage of some special offers and put some money back in your pocket with a tire rebate, wheel rebate, gift card, coupon or other promotion?  


Goodyear Tire Rebates:

With over 100 years of experience and success, Goodyear knows tires and auto care! Click or tap the link above to view current manufacturer rebates and special offers.


Pep Boys Rebates Page:

Click/Tap Here to check out the special offers and rebates available at  They list store specific offers, manufacturers rebates and more!