Save More Money On Car Parts with Advance Auto Parts Speed Perks!

Advance Auto Speed Perks Promotion Loyalt Rewards

We’re all about helping you save money when purchasing parts for your vehicle repairs. That’s why we routinely shop with and recommend. Advance Auto Parts and  Thanks to their new customer rewards program there is even more of a reason to recommend them now!

Advance Auto Parts recently launched their new customer rewards and loyalty program they’ve dubbed “Speed Perks”.  I know what you’re thinking. . . ANOTHER annoying rewards card you’ll need carry in your wallet or purse. Fortunately you’re wrong! With Speed Perks there is no card. Your membership number is your telephone number. This works for me because with other rewards and perks program I rarely have my card with me. Ninety percent of the time I have the cashier look up my account by my phone number anyway. Since I often need to give my phone number for a warranty at Advance Auto Parts anyway this makes things just as easy as ever to start racking up rewards. It really is easy and their marketing slogan of “No Cards. No Points. No Nonsense.” really does fit.


How Does it Work?
Speed Perks is absolutely free.  First you need to sign up for your Speed Perks membership. It’s easy and details can be found at You can sign up in store or you can sign into your account or create a new account to enroll.

After you’ve enrolled you simply need to give your phone number with every qualifying purchase in participating stores.  Online you simply need to make sure you’re making your qualifying purchase while logged in to your enrolled account.


What Are the Rewards?
When you spend $30 to $99 you’ll get a $5 coupon valid toward a future purchase of $10 or more. If you spend $100 you’ll get a coupon for $20 off a future purchase of $40 or more.  (Core charges, shipping, fees and taxes don’t count toward the qualifying subtotals.)

Advance Auto Parts also claims there are additional benefits to the program such as member exclusive promotions, invitations to special events and activities and member exclusive first access to special sweepstakes.

Advance Auto Parts Discount Promo Rewards Sample $5 rewrad

A sample $5 reward from the Speed Perks member site.

Advance Auto Parts Reward Discount Promo Speed Perks Sample Reward $20

A sample “$20 off your next $40 Purchase” reward coupon from the Speed Perks member site.

How and When Do Members Receive the Rewards?
Within a few days after your qualifying purchase (typically 2-3 days) you’ll receive your reward directly to your mobile phone via text and/or via email depending on your account settings.


How Do I Track My Points and Do Points Expire?:
With Speed Perks there are no “points” and no points to track. Rewards DO expire. (See below)


Do Rewards Expire?
Yes.  According to the terms we reviewed at the time of this post, rewards expire 60 days after they are issued.


Where Can I Read All the Details?
For complete terms, details and information please read the terms and conditions.



What do you think of loyalty and rewards programs like this? Will you be signing up or will you pass on this one? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

4 thoughts on “Save More Money On Car Parts with Advance Auto Parts Speed Perks!

  1. I had received speed perks number [redacted] when I go to my store they tell me it’s not a good NUMBER can you send me a different number. And send me a list on all my perks I have to haveMany more perks I spend lots of money every week and I haven’t seen anymore perks latly

    • Hi James! I’m sorry to hear you may be experiencing issues with Speed Perks. Unfortunately this site isn’t an official Advance Auto Parts website and we aren’t able to offer you any help or assistance with your Speed Perks account. We simply have used the program ourselves as shoppers and recommend and inform shoppers about the benefits available. Since it appears you’ve provided a perks reward coupon code number I’ve redacted and removed it for your safety and privacy and to ensure someone else can’t redeem it. From personal experience I do know speed perks rewards typically expire 60 days after they are issued. Could it be you were attempting to redeem an expired rewards coupon? You can go to the speedperks reward website and create an account in order to review current and past redeemed awards.

      To ensure you’re receiving your rewards at checkout online the easiest way is to make sure you’re logged in to your account linked to your speed perks account. In store be sure you’re providing your phone number at checkout. Of course these are all just personal suggestions and I can’t speak on behalf of Advance Auto or the Speed Perks program. I’d recommend contacting them directly for further help and clarification. Good luck!

  2. Matthews Thomas says:

    I have signed up for speed perks and lost some rewards because they were not used in time. These perks expiring has made me lose my commitment to advance and now I don’t care which parts store I use.

    • Sorry to hear that Matthews. I do find the fact the rewards expire a bit frustrating as well. Your post reminded me I had some rewards stacked up that I pretty much forgot about. I logged in to check my SpeedPerks rewards balance. Sure enough I discovered I foolishly let about $30 worth of rewards expire back in August. I feel your pain. Unfortunately those are the terms we agreed to when we signed up.

      There are simply times when you either forget, or simply don’t need to purchase anything before the rewards expire. According to the terms of the Speed Perks program as I understand them, rewards expire 60 days after the date of issuance. You can log in to your SpeedPerks account online to check your reward status. Expiration dates are clearly listed there. . . IF you can remember to check.

      While I’m upset with myself when I let rewards expire, I personally continue to shop with Advance Auto. By using the same coupon codes posted here I consistently save a ton on all my car part purchases. That alone is enough to keep me happy and coming back for more.


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